Sunday, January 27, 2013

Pop 'n Cuts Floating Floor 2.0

Hello all! Back in October I posted a YouTube video and blog post showing how to create a Floating Floor to fit the Pop 'n Cuts Base Die. That technique has been very popular and I've loved seeing what people have created using the template.

While working on cards for a class it struck me that we needed a template to add a Floating Floor to one of the "Stand-up" Pop 'n Cuts designs. These are the designs that open up to a fully flat card with a pop-up item in the middle. (Frame, Star, Poinsettia, Ribbon Tree) I decided to make a Floating Floor to fit the Frame die, since it is the most generic shape and can be used for any theme.

My class card uses the Floating Floor to animate the Flagpole Die, providing the ability to move the poles away from the center of the card for more dimension.

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Download the Floating Floor Template to fit the Frame Pop 'n Cuts die

*Edited to add* If you're having problems with the above link loading, you can also download the template on my blog here: Floating Floor 2.0 Template

You can also use the Floating Floor to animate additional pop-up items by cutting slits and using "L" supports as explained in the YouTube video.

By combining die cutting with an add-on template, you can take your Pop 'n Cuts Frame cards to a whole other level!


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pop 'n cuts baseframe insertheartflagpoleribbonhelloborder

Are you ready to put movement in your die cutting projects?  If so, Pop 'n Cuts dies are the perfect tool for you!  You can find tons of project ideas in our Pop 'n Cuts project gallery on!
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  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to try it!

  2. Sooooo Creative and Fun!! I need to try this Tech...LOVE the Flag Poles with the Banner Flags!

  3. HI Karen, Thanks so much for yet another GREAT idea. I am not able to download the template when I click on it (tried several times!!) - any reason? Thanks

  4. OK OK it just took a little extra time - I got it, I got it!! Still love the idea .... well love all the PNC dies actually ....

  5. Is anyone else besides myself having problems downloading the template?

  6. Karen, thanks for giving us a template for this floating floor! You know how much we love 3D!

  7. Thanks for the pattern, your pop ups are just so beautiful and creative, thanks for teaching us all these new techniques!!!!


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