Gretchen Schmidt

Gretchen Schmidt
Texas, USA

Hi everyone! I’m Gretchen, wife, mom of three, scrapbooker, cardmaker, and paper crafter. I feel truly blessed to have found such an amazing hobby and passion. I’m thrilled to be a part of the Sizzix Design Team and look forward to sharing fun, interactive projects with everyone. I love to make pop-ups and am excited to share how awesome they are with others. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in various parts of the industry throughout the years, from being published, teaching, and guest designing. Creating is such an amazing outlet; I don’t know what I would do without it. Honestly, I think it helps keep me sane! A big thanks to Sizzix for inviting me to be a part of the team, I look forward to a great year. I leave you with a few little extra facts about me (just for fun!) -

10 random things:
I love Mondays… seriously!
Mexican food is awesome.
I’m a huge fan of Diet Coke.
My favorite color is lime green (which also happens to be the color of my scrapbook room).
I love my elliptical!
I’d probably be lost without kraft cardstock.
I’ve got a thing for Classic Rock.
I made Lemon Chicken once… once… it’s an incident my family will never let me live down.
I talk a lot.
I’m a morning person (my husband is not… too bad for him I talk a lot!).

Sizzix Stats:

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