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Framelits Supply Caddy

Hey everyone, it's Hilary here with a project I've never before attempted but have wanted to try for a very long time.  I found this so easy to make, and it turned out just as I had hoped it would and I used just two basic Framelits dies from Sizzix, the square and the scallop square.

Sizzix Die Cutting Tutorial: Framelits Supply Caddy by Hilary Kanwischer

I just adore the Framelits dies, you can use them for just about anything, and did you know they cut through felt just beautifully?  So my project today is a Supply Caddy.  It will store inkpads and scissors, pens and paint, and I even created some pockets for the front to slip in additional supplies.  I hope you enjoy!

I love how my inkpads fit perfectly into the center compartment.

...and the little pockets are the perfect place for bone folders and pens. 

So let me show you how I made this.  For this project, you will need from Sizzix:

and of course your Sizzix Big Shot, Big Shot Pro or Vagabond Die cutting machine

additional supplies needed:
  • Felt in assorted colors, I used a dark pink, light pink and green
  • DMC floss in contrasting colors
  • sewing needle
  • assorted buttons
  • eyelet trim
  • ribbon, approximately 1 inch wide
  • hot glue
  • "Phoomph" Fabric bonding sheets
  • sewing machine
  • pins

die cutting

Lets get started:  From pink felt, die cut from the largest 4 1/4" Framelits Squares, 5 squares from light pink and 5 from dark pink.  Then from the Framelits Scallop 3 3/8" die, die cut 5 squares from green felt.  Finally, using the Framelits square that measures 3 3/8", die cut 5 squares from "Phoomph" fabric sheets, (these have adhesive and also make your fabric nice and stiff).

You should have 10 pink squares, 5 green scalloped squares and 5 squares of "Phoomph" when your finished die cutting.

Next, lay a scallop green square on top of a large pink square, centering it, then folding down the top third, pin in place.  Repeat for all 4...these will be your sides.

Using your sewing machine with pink thread, machine stitch around the sides only, not the top, and then again down the center.  You will then have divided pockets in which to store some supplies. 

As a decorative element, I stitched a contrasting button to the middle of the pocket using pink DMC floss.  Repeat for all 4 squares.

After completing that step, lay a piece of "Phoomph" fabric bonding sheets,  in the center of the darker pink felt, removing the adhesive sheets first.  This also eliminates the need for pins at this point.  Then lay the "pocketed" square directly on top, matching corners together.  Repeat for all 4 sides, then for the bottom, sandwich "Phoomph" in between the remaining light and dark pieces of felt and set aside.

Now it's time to stitch your sides together.  To do this I chose to use 3 strands of green DMC floss, then beginning at one corner, begin stitching to sides together...

When you get to the bottom of the side, add the bottom square and stitch around, you will be stitching through 4 layers of felt, but it's not that bad, and I was able to do it easily without even using a thimble. Sew in about 1/4 inch on all sides.  Do all sides, but leave the top till the last. 

For the ribbon handle, I basically trimmed a 2 pieces of green polka dot ribbon to size, then I cut a piece of "Phoomph" fabric bonding sheet to the width, (which was 1 inch), sandwiched ribbon on both sides then machine stitched down both sides.  You'll be left with a really nice finished handle.  To add it to your caddy, simply insert it into the top, in between the layers, then using your needle and floss, stitch the ribbon in place.  Then continue around the top of the caddy until to get the the other side, then tuck that ribbon end in between the layers and sew shut. 

To make the piece look finished, I hot glued some eyelet trim around the upper edge of the caddy.

When it's finished the inside of the caddy, will look as professional as the outside.

Then simply add your supplies and your ready to go.

I hope you enjoyed my project today, and I hope it inspires you to try your own.  You'll be amazed at what you can create with Framelits! 

Have a wonderful week everyone!

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  1. Hi Hilary
    this is a great make and so useful. Really pretty colours

  2. What a cute idea! Thanks for the tutorial

  3. Super cute project Hilary! Thanks for the great tutorial.
    Love the bright colors too!

  4. This is AWESOME! Love the colors and the felt, great tutorial too!

  5. This would make an adorbale gift. Even a baby gift with all baby things in it.

    1. I think that would be a fabulous idea! I'm going to make another and adapt it for a boy, one of my friends is just about at her due date! :) Thanks for the idea. :)

  6. Hilary,

    I love this idea! Love the colors, too! :)

  7. Hilary Darling...this is a terrific project! I love the comment about the baby project. I think that the body can be doubled to make a bigger tote. What do you think Hil? Also, do you think I can hand sew the entire thing? PS I definitely would store inks and pens in the tote. Just line with some plastic thingy!

    1. I absolutely think you could hand stitch the whole thing. The only part of it that I machine stitched were the pockets and the ribbon handle, though I'm quite sure those could easily be hand finished. :)

  8. Hilary...I had another idea.....ATC holder!

  9. What a cute carry all
    Thanks for the idea,
    I may have to make one
    of these, since you
    made it look so easy!
    Carla from Utah

  10. What a great idea Hilary! Your caddy is so cute! Love the colours and little pockets.

  11. What a darling project! So creative!

  12. I love it. Thanks for the great instructions.


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