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Embossed Polymer Clay Patriotic Garden Markers

Hi everyone! It's Hilary here today with a fun tutorial for making embossed garden markers. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm very patriotic and any chance I can get to create some Americana decor, you better believe...I'm on it! I also love to mix media some times and today I decided I wanted to play with some of my polymer clay that I've been storing. 

These little markers are very simple to make, and although I have posted a rather long tutorial, you'll find these don't take very long at all to make and will look so pretty displayed in your potted plants. I hope you enjoy! 

The pretty embossing on these is made with Tim Holtz's Texture Fades.

So sweet huh? I love making these and these would also be a great gift for a special gardening friend as well. So let me show you how I made these. 

From Sizzix you will need Tim Holtz's "Springtime Backgrounds" textured fades embossing folder.

Additional supplies needed:
  • clay: Polymer oven baked clay in red, white & blue (I used Sculpey's Bake Shop clay because I love the colors and it's very easy to work with.)
  • clay tools: acrylic roller; star cookie cutters; small star clay cutter; sharp knife; non-stick mat; cookie sheet with non-stick mat
  • other: wooden dowels (I used 3/16" x 12"); glitter
  • mediums: Red acrylic paint (I used Cardinal Red from Delta); Antiquing Medium (I used chocolate brown by Sculpey Studio)
  • paint brushes: small edger paint brush (I used a #2 Loew-Cornell); foam brush
  • adhesive: spray adhesive; hot glue
  • misc.: sander; paper towels; Q-tips
  • oven

Gather your clay, embossing folder, non stick mat and rolling pin

Roll out your clay for about 2 min to make it pliable and shape to fit inside the texture fades folder...

It should be about 1/4" thick...

Close the folder over the clay and roll the folder using the roller, you don't need to roll too hard, just make sure you roll all the entire surface...

die cutting

The clay will not stick to the folder, just open it slowly, especially if you are using an intricate design..

Next, using a cookie cutter, cut out a star and set it on the mat, then repeat for all three colors.

Here's what the blue looks like after it's been rolled, pretty huh? I love the detail! 

Next, from your scraps cut out six little stars from all three colors and set aside...

From the extra clay left over...roll out again and cut another star, this time using a sharp knife, cut 3 strips, these will decorate the front of your stars....

This is the fun part, this is where you decorate your stars however you'd like, I made each star with different colors. When applying layers of clay on top of each other, press the clay lightly so that it bonds together. 

Cool huh? Next, bake the stars in the oven according to directions on the package. I baked my stars in an oven set to 275 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.

When the clay finishes baking they will not look much differently then when you first put them in, except now they are hard. Let the stars cool completely before you begin aging them.

I used chocolate brown antiquing medium and with a foam brush lather on some medium making sure you get in all the little nooks and crannies. Note: This will be messy! But it's soooooo much fun! If you have gloves I'd highly recommend using them. 

Aging the stars will really bring out the embossed design and I just love the look!

I also aged 3 wooden dowels at this point as well, so they would be aged just like the stars.

Next, wipe off all the excess with a paper towel, and I used Q-tips to get into the little spaces. The medium will remain in the nooks and crannies and give it a really nice aged look.

This is what they look like finished...

Next, using acrylic paint, apply bands of red around the wooden dowels for a vintage look...

Then set aside to dry. Once dry...lightly sand with a sander to remove some of the medium and the paint for a nice vintage look.

I added the wooden dowels to the backs of the stars adhering with a bead of hot glue. 

Don't you just love the embossing on the backs of these? 

Then lightly spray the front with adhesive and sprinkle on some glitter, shaking off the excess. And you are finished! I love these, they are so much fun to make. Texture fades are not just for paper any more! :)

Thankyou so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial today. 

die cutting supplies

If you thought our Textured Impressions and Texture Fades embossing folders were only for paper, you are info a surprise!  You can add texture to so many types of materials including clay, paint, gesso, metal, and more!  For more ideas featuring embossing folders, check out the die cutting project gallery: Show me more TEXTURE!  
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  1. Embossing polymer clay, thank you, a great technique to add to my art techniques. I love techniques that expand the use of my embossing folders and dies. This is awesome, I enjoy working with polymer clay.
    Jacquelene L

  2. These are beautiful! I really must try these. Thank you for the instructions.

  3. Love, Love, LOVE!!! These are so sweet! I would've never thought of using clay, but now I must try!

  4. I love these Hil. They make me want to go to a parade, have a cookout and eat apple pie. They are so cute!!

  5. These look great! Must try - soon!

  6. These are so perfect! I can see making these as gifts for friends. Thank you so much for inspiring me to try these, great tutorial too! :)

  7. What a great idea - embossing polymer clay!!!! So cool, would make great imbelishments for scrapbook pages, cards, flowers, and just about any kind of projects. Never would of thought of this on my own, but sure has stirred some wonder ideas. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. Loved yout project.

  8. Very cool!! Everything you make is amazing, Hilary!

  9. Such a great idea Hilary! Love your embossed and aged clay stars.

  10. Great ideas, Hilary. Thanks for inspiring me.


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