Monday, March 18, 2013

Awesome Accordion Album Adaptations!

Hello crafty peeps! Karen here to share a few projects made with the Bigz Accordion Album die. This die has been a popular one, which is why it is currently out of stock on the Sizzix website. Sizzix always allows retailers first dibs on shipments and so far the retailers have grabbed every one of these dies from the last two shipments. Looking for one? Call your local Sizzix retailer and see if they have arrived.

I recently shared a tutorial on my blog for how to create a Tall Accordion Album using a folding technique with the die. This is the project I created to illustrate the technique:

Sandy Diller gave this technique a try and made a fabulous Easter-themed album:

Here's another "tall" album, courtesy of Helen Cryer:

Using the folding technique is a fun way to expand the possibilities with this die. Where you place the fold on the die will determine the shape and overall height of the album. In all three of the albums above, the fold was placed within the inner frame, causing it to mirror around that fold and create a single "tall" frame in each panel.

If you choose instead to place the fold line within the outer frame, it will create a connected set of standard-panel albums, which has additional fun possibilities! In this case, decorating would be a snap using the Bigz Frame & Label, Bracket die, which fits the album perfectly.

For picture instructions on how to place the fold to create a tall album, be sure to visit my blog tutorial.

While we're on the subject of the Accordion Album, I have to share another "alternate" Accordion Album technique by the talented Linda Cain.

Linda made this stunning Accordion Album including creating all the background patterns herself! Wow! She elected not to connect the inner frames and let them float freely instead. I also love the way she used the Pop 'n Cuts Frame Insert die to decorate the panels - I didn't even realize the frame would fit so perfectly!

Linda is on the Inspiration Emporium Design Team and they are running a great contest this month called Add a Little P.O.P. featuring, among other "pop" interpretations, Karen Burniston pop-up dies. Definitely check it out for some inspiration!

What other fun ideas can you come up with for the Accordion Album?

Happy crafting!


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  1. Have been trying to find this die one seems to have it available-any hints?

  2. Anne, Scrapp'n Savvy in Spring, TX has some (at last check). She will ship. Go to and call the store to order.

  3. Love all this fun inspiration! Thanks for sharing. The Accordian Flip die is a must have!!

  4. Thankyou for sharing all the great info and inspiration about this die. This die is going to the top of my list, so many creative possibilities with this die, if we think outside the box.
    Sizzix please get this die back in stock quickly, we all need it!
    I will be talking to my local store about ordering this die for me.
    Jacquelene L.

  5. i love this alternate shape - this die is on my wishlist, too! it's so hot though that it keeps selling out! - vivian

  6. Thank you Karen! Feel lucky to have my die ;) Your tutorial was great.

  7. I've been wanting this die ever since I saw it on a blog a while back and now you keep featuring it here on the
    Sizzix blog tempting me even more. So far I haven't found it in the local stores I've checked but will keep checking every time I have the chance. It's at the top of my wish list at this time so I hope I don't have to wait much longer. :)

  8. Great tutorial--like usual! ;)
    I too, have been searching everywhere for this die---with no luck!! Hopefully one day!

  9. Yup...the title of this post says it all! Thanks for all the inspiration!


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