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Q&A: Is a Die Cutting Machine on Your Christmas Wish List?

With the holidays around the corner, I imagine there are lots of crafters with die cutting machines on their wish lists.  If you are new to die cutting, choosing a machine might be confusing with so many different models to choose from.  To make that decision a little easier, I have compiled this quick reference for any one needing help choosing the best machine for their needs.

One of the questions we see hear a lot when crafters are shopping for die cutting machines is "Which one should I get?"  Since Sizzix offers several different machines with different capabilities, the question we usually respond with is, "What are you working on?"  To explain that question the best, take a look at this video which offers an introduction to our machines...

To follow up with the information from the video, I wanted to share links to the products mentioned.  Click on the name of each machine to visit the product page for it on

Die Cutting and Embossing

Big Shot | BIGkick | Bigkick- Vintaj Special Edition | Vagabond
One of the most asked questions about the Big Shot and Bigkick is "How are they different?"  They are essentially the same machine. They look different on the outside but inside they cut and emboss the same materials equally.

The Vagabond can cut and emboss the same materials and sizes as the Big Shot and Bigkick, but does it with power.  This machine is great for anyone with mobility issues that finds cranking the manual machines difficult or taxing.

Big Shot Pro
The Big Shot Pro also cuts and embosses the same materials as the Big Shot, Bigkick, and Vagabond machines, but can accommodate dies and materials up to 12" wide.

Embossing Only

Texture Boutique
If embossing is your passion, you will love the Texture Boutique.  It is works with our Textured Impressions and Texture Fades embossing folders.  It is lightweight and portable, perfect for taking with you to crops and card making meet ups.

Electronic Cutting

If electronic cutting is your passion, you will want to learn more about the eclips machine.  The eclips allows you to cut images up to 12" wide by 24" long.  You can cut images from cartridges or from your computer using our eCal software.  Fans of Tim Holtz stamps will also want to check out Stamp2Cut which allows users to cut detailed stamped images.

As you visit to learn more about our die cutting machines, don't forget to check out this previous Q&A article that will help you determine which dies will work in the machine you have your eye on:
Q&A: Which Die Cutting Supplies Do I Need?

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  1. You have seven of the best friends in the world- lol! I want them all!

  2. I would recommend the Big Shot every time! Love mine and it is used nearly every day. No worrying about plugging it in either!

  3. I purchased my big shot in July of this year, for my August birthday. It is the best manual machine I have ever bought. I would recommend the big shot to everyone. It doesn't slide on my work surface when I'm cutting. The handle is very comfortable. This machine cuts like butter and embosses beautifully. It will cut thick materials without maximum effort from me. The perk for me is the pink and the sparkly bling makes me very happy. I am now buying more sizzix dies to use with my machine and I think sizzix embossing folders are the best. Thankyou sizzix for making the best machine, dies and embossing folders. Now I want a pro too!
    Jacquelene L.

  4. I absolutely love my Vagabond and wouldn't trade it for any of the others that were mentioned. I never have to worry about it locking down to my table, I just push the button and away it goes. I just love it!

  5. I love my Big Shot. If Santa was bringing me anything I might want... I'd take the Big Shot Pro. If Santa is listening... what I really want is the new door die sizzix makes.

  6. I have a Big Kick and would love to replace it with a Vagabond. I would also like to add the Big Shot Pro and an eclips to my collection!!

  7. Have been using my Big Shot for almost 6 years (same one) and it still works like new!!! Bought a Vagabond...not too happy as I now need to buy an additional piece in order to use anything besides steel ruled dies! Everything should have come with the machine to cut thin dies and sizzlet dies in my opinion!!! I'm not even sure exactly what it is I need to buy! GRRRRR!Thankful I still have my Big Shot to use!!!

    1. Hi Jan....I too have both the big shot and the vagabond good thing I had a big shot back up, cause my vagabond jet stopped working 3 months after my warranty expired!

      It has now come to light locally ( here in South Africa) we took it away to an engineer to have it fixed costs about $60 which is a lot of money) is that the capacitor inside is too small for the machine. Maybe sizzix could look into this.

      I was offered another vagabond at a reduced price, but with postage from the US it wasn't worth pursuing.

      So my big shot is now my best friend. I still adore sizzix products and prefer them above other brands available locally, especially the steel rule dies.

      I have small craft shop and promote the big shot and sizzix dies above all else! Despite my problem with the vagabond I still love sizzix products!

      Happy Sunday



  8. Love my Big Shot. I've had it a long time and it always works great. Not saying I wouldn't want a Vagabond or Eclipse or even the little Texture Boutique because they all have their advantages, but I think I'd probably buy more dies or texture fades if I had a little extra money. This is a fantastic review of all the machines. Thanks!


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