Thursday, November 1, 2012

Q&A: Which Die Cutting Supplies Do I Need?

One of the questions I answer the most frequently through Facebook is "Will that die work in my machine?"  With Sizzix having so many different types of dies and embossing folders and plates as well as several different machines with different types of cutting pads, it is easy to understand how there can be confusion over whether your machine will work with the new die you have your eye on!

Today I want to share a tip with you that will help you answer not only "Will it work?" but also "What do I need to make it work?"  The answer is only a few mouse clicks away at!

In this example I will use the new Square Ornate Frame Pop 'n Cuts die as an example.  To check to see if this die works in your machine, simply go to and locate the die you are considering.  The site includes a search bar as well as several menus that make finding the die you want super quick.

When you locate the die, you will see that there is a text area that describes the die and a link to downloadable instructions.  Below that text, you will see clickable images of all compatible Sizzix machines.  If the machine you own is shown (or a version of it) then you know that this die will work for you!  If your machine is not shown, then unfortunately the die will not work in your machine.

die cutting
If you click on the image of your machine, a pop up window will appear.  This window will show you what die cutting supplies you will need for the die to work in your machine.  In this example, you see that to use the Square Ornate Frame in the Big Shot you will need an Extended Cutting Pad, an Extended Crease Pad, and the Pop 'n Cuts base die.  You can click on any of those images in the pop-up to view more information about each of them.

Another great feature I love to point out is the tab for "Related Projects".  If you are contemplating the purchase of a die you might want to see ideas of it in use before buying.  Or maybe you own the die and need some fresh project ideas for the die.  This is the tab to click on!  This die is brand new so there is currently only one project example, but many of our dies have several examples for you to see.

If you click on a project image that you like, you will then visit a project page that includes instructions for the project.

If you click on the "Products Used" tab, you will see links to other Sizzix products that were used for the project.

You will see that for the project we selected, the Pop 'n Cuts base die was shown.  If you are thinking about Pop 'n Cuts, you will definitely want to visit this page since it has a link to a great instructional video by Pop 'n Cuts creator Karen Burniston.  While you are there, be sure you click on the "Related Projects" tab...

... and prepare to be blown away by all of the examples of Pop 'n Cuts projects!  These projects all feature the base die with the different interchangeable inserts.  And of course, if you click on any of them...

... you will land on another great page of project instruction and links.  The fun and die cutting inspiration is just never ending!

In case you are wondering, all of these web features will work on mobile devices with internet access.  If you are at your local craft store and are wondering about that die, go ahead and reach for your smart phone and visit  You will be able to find out if it will work with your machine, what accessories you might need (you don't want to get home without them!), and also get some inspiration for all of the ways you can use the die when you get home!

These features are available on both and

I hope you found this little feature tour of helpful!  I love these features and use them all the time myself.  I absolutely love that they make it so easy to answer the question of "what machine?" and "what cutting pads?" either at home or on the go.

tammy tutterow
Do you have other questions about our dies or machines that would make great Q&A topics in the future?  If so, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below or by telling us on Facebook or Twitter.
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  1. Thanks Tammy, I knew about the machines featured on the dies on the sizzix website, but I didn't realize clicking further would give one the other sizzix supplies needed, like extended cutting pads! This is great!!

  2. You must have been reading my mind...I so need something like this! Thanks so much for making it easier for us newbie die cutters to be sure to do the right thing with our dies!

  3. I love my Big Shot machine and now i am anxiously awaiting my Vagabond. I have found the Sizzix site so useful in the ways you explained. I am a pretty basic die user and when ordering have often referred to all the information presented with each die before ordering. I used the clear scalloped square all the time to create my Kusudama flowers. The butterfly dies are used to make mobiles, and the 'Sizzix list' goes on and on. A great big THANK YOU to all you Sizzix folks who have inspired me each day! I am just sorry there aren't enough hours in the day to create all I want to create with my Big Shot and my lovely die collection.

  4. Great information Tammy, thanks. There is always confusion about how to cut a die. The sizzix website is great to show the layout of the dies and related products. This will help people use it. I love the blog and check it daily to see all the fantastic projects and tips

    I have a Big Shot Pro and it is totally AWESOME. How about a badge that I can use on my blog.


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