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Pop-up 2Torial: Spinner Technique with Pop 'n Cuts

Happy Labor Day, Sizzix fans!

Today I've got a cool technique to share for adding a spinner to a Pop 'n Cuts card to add another layer of interactive fun!

Pop-up 2Torials are supposed to be in the 2's for length (minutes, that is), but for this one, I included the alternate card in the video as well, so it clocks in at a whopping 5 minutes, but hopefully you'll find it worth the watch!

The story behind this card is that Dan, the husband of Design Team member Shelly Hickox, made the suggestion to use a pop-up to turn a car into a convertible. I accepted the challenge and knew that a spinner was just the way to do it!

The first card in the video is the Beach Wagon Convertible card. Here are some photos and style notes:

By folding back some of the paper on the left half of the Pop 'n Cuts insert and replacing it with a piece of clear plastic, the back half of the jalopy is viewable in the "closed" position, with the roof on.

The opening of the card causes the spinner to spin. Since the surfboard, title and vine flourish are attached to the spinner, they spin as well, giving the illusion of the jalopy becoming a convertible.

Here is a top view in the "closed" position. The jalopy is attached to the Circle Label Pop 'n Cuts insert that comes with the base kit. (Check your local store - they have been selling out online as fast as they come in, but a lot of local retailers have them in stock, so please call around!)

Finally, check out this close-up for a detailed look at the jalopy styling. I took inspiration from a green station wagon sticker that is part of the Echo Park "Paradise Beach" collection used on this card.

Need the dimensions for the spinner again? Here is a handy diagram:

A supply list for the convertible card is at the end of this post.

If you've seen any of my other Pop-up 2Torials you know two things:
  1. I play fast and loose with the "2 minute" part of things (heh) AND
  2. I like to make the card again in an alternate color scheme to showcase the beauty of die cutting! (Beauty: YOU choose the colors, YOU choose the textures, YOU choose the theme!)
My idea for the alternate card was to make a macabre hearse with a coffin that would spin out of the back when the card opened.

I started with the hearse and chose a nice stiff matboard to be the base of the jalopy.


Once my hearse was complete I realized that I couldn't fold it into the card interior like I did with the beach wagon. Aurgh!

So I changed the card design to a window card instead. I used a rounded-tag Framelits die to cut a tombstone-shaped hole into the card front to allow my hearse to come through when the card is closed. The card then essentially opens up around the hearse. The video shows how to do this, so if you are reading ahead, you might just want to scroll back up and watch the video.

A few style notes about the hearse. I noticed via a quick Google image search, that hearses have no windows in the back and they often have a dropped wheel well in the rear. I tried to mimic both those things by taping two loose window panes back into the holes, and by modifying the bumper piece so the back wheel well was much lower. I also found some wire mesh to use as a grill on the front. A couple of red rhinestones made eerie headlights and some wire spirals and black brads completed the wheel styling. I stamped and embossed a spider web in the upper right corner and found one of my favorite old Halloween skeleton stamps to be the driver.

The coffin and the screaming corpse (goodness, even describing this card gives me the creeps!) were also from my stamp collection. My stamp collection goes back a really long time! The coffin is Museum of Modern Rubber (it says 1994 on the copyright date) and I'm pretty sure the ghoulish dude is RBBB. I stamped both on red velvet mat board, highlighted the skin with a white pen, and then cut it out.

A couple more photos to show the details:

So there you have it! Two different ways to use a spinner with the Old Jalopy die. Now I challenge you to come up with more uses for the Pop 'n Cuts Spinner. Here are a few ideas/notes to get your wheels turning (pun intended):
  1. The spinner can be moved out away from the pop-up by lengthening the 2" section and the 1.125" section in equal amounts. The height of the spinner box (1.25") should remain the same, though, since it is meant to match the height of the Circle Label Pop 'n Cuts insert. If you are switching to another PNC insert, simply measure the height of the "shelf" and adjust the height of the spinner box accordingly.
  2. The "big" item can be anything - how about a big butterfly and then a greeting spins out from behind it? Or a clock with moving hands? Could you make toast pop up from a toaster? Santa go down the chimney? Could a cow jump over the moon? Rudolph prance over a rooftop? What will you create? 
  3. Mirror image spinners can share the fold - want to make an alligator open and close his mouth? No problem!
In fact, I already accepted my own challenge. Want to see what happens when you put a "less-than-happy" bird in a slingshot?

Visit my blog post for photos and a supply list for the bird card. There is also an "e-mail me" link on my blog and I'd love to see photos of your Pop 'n Cuts spinner creations! 

Happy Pop 'n Cutting 'n Spinning 'n Creating!

Beach Wagon Convertible Card:
Patterned Papers - Paradise Beach collection, Echo Park
Plastic Paper, card stocks - Bazzill Basics
Tiny Attacher - Tim Holtz Ideaology
Stash items (source unknown) - write-on transparency, buttons, large eyelets

Eerie Hearse-o-ween Card:
Patterned Papers, stickers - Chillingsworth Manor, Echo Park
Rubber stamps - Skeleton Driver (Picture Show), Spider Web (Stubby Stampers), Coffin (Museum of Modern Rubber), Screaming Ghoul (Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers(?))
Stash items (source unknown) - write-on transparency, wire spirals, red rhinestones, metal mesh, black matboard, red velvet mat board
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  1. Thank goodness you're not wasting your talent building bridges (or whatever engineers do)! These are beyond cool - I seriously cannot stop watching the video!!

  2. Wow! Beautiful , Creative and Amazing! Back to watching the video again. Thanks!

  3. Wow, such creative and fun cards! Love them. Very clever. My son would just love these, I think I have to make him one.

  4. Oh my gosh, the two of you have done it again! AMAZING cards. Wow. These are going to be the talk of the town...

  5. Over the top and oozing creativity! TFS

  6. Jaw dropping goodness! Seriously loving these cards. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Holy cow...creative geniousness!!! Love the added spinner!!!

  8. Your genius is boundless. The hearse is "to die for". :) KY Hugs, Marlene

  9. oh my goodness! These are just wonderful. We're leaving in a few minutes to take our grandson back to college, and I'm so tempted to say I'm sick so I can stay home and play with this technique.

  10. This is fantastic!!!! What a great addition to the pop in cuts card. Thankyou for sharing this awesome tutorial. I will definately be using this one. I love making pop up cards!!!! I love my 3d sliding pop up die and I am enjoying making pop up cards for everyone.
    Jacquelene L.

  11. Oh Gosh. You are a GENIUS! Thank you for sharing all the creative details behind these amazing cards! And the video tutorial is FANTASTIC :)

  12. these are too stinkin' cute!

  13. I love this card! I think making the jalopy look like an old Woodie is great! Kawabunga! :)

  14. Wow Karen! You are truly amazing! I love those cards - got to give a try - as soon as I get my pop-up card base! (we are still waiting for them.. :(. )

  15. I love the cards! Not sure if I could follow the directions and make one or not but sure would like to try. Thanks for some amazing ideas.

  16. AMAZING! Bummed I missed your class at Stampers corner, anymore classes in Northern CA? I picked up the die today!


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