Saturday, September 15, 2012

Die Cutting Paper: Faux Mercury Glass Technique

This month we are thrilled to share with you a new monthly feature, Tips & Tricks from the Sizzix Art Room. If you have seen photos of our booth from our trade shows or admired the projects featured on our product packaging, you know that the Sizzix Art Room is staffed with major talent! This first project by Beth Reames is an amazing first look at what the Art Room team will be sharing in their posts!

I am so amazed at all of the super cool techniques that people show in their blogs these days. I’m always trying to think of how I can use them in ways that relate to Sizzix products and die cutting. Here is a project that involves the simple technique of masking using a die cut and an easy version of creating faux mercury glass.  The key ingredient to this project is Krylon Looking Glass Paint. It has a mirror-like reflective finish that will create the shiny mercury glass look. It may be tempting to use a silver or chrome color paint but the outcome will not be the same.

I chose a clear glass vase for my project.

die cutting
I applied Xyron adhesive to my piece of cardstock and chose a decorative strip for the design. After die cutting I adhered the strips to the vase.  I had to cut my border twice and piece it together to match on the back side.  The die I used is Decorative Hearts by Dena Designs but this technique works with any die depending on the look you want.

The next steps you will want to do outside because the paint fumes are really strong. Use a water bottle
to spray a fine mist onto the vase.

Next, spray on a coat of paint - this paint goes on really light.

Once the first coat is on, take a paper towel and gently blot the vase, popping all the little bubbles of water. Be sure not to twist or rub because that will take off big sections of the paint.

I did three coats of water & paint to get the look I wanted.

Once the paint was dry to the touch I peeled off the die-cut mask. I used the paper towel to rub
off some of the paint at the edges of the design to give it a less than perfect look.

The finished piece adds such a unique and expensive look to your decor!

die cutting supplies
other supplies: Krylon Looking Glass Paint; glass vase; cardstock; adhesive; water mister; paper towels
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  1. Great tutorial! I love how this looks like real Mercury Glass.

  2. Awesome project! The mercury glass look is so cool! Great tutorial!

  3. Hi
    Wow this looks amazing I love it.

  4. Cool idea! Thanks for sharing!

  5. LOVE this!! Love it!
    I see this in my future!!
    Thanks bunches!

  6. Great technique! I like the results. You might even try frost spray paint. (inside or out)

  7. love it...will definitely be giving this a go...x

  8. WOW! This looks great. Love the final result. Johanne L.

  9. I just love how this turned out!!! I see some fantastic Christmas gifts this year!!!

  10. Beautiful! I want to try this on glass Christmas ornaments!

  11. This is beautiful love it. Will look nice on my mantle in my new place!!!

  12. How cool! I see a Christmas gift coming out of this tutorial!

  13. It so cool! I love it! I will try making one on my own. It will be perfect for the coming holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Great tutorial. I make items to go into gift baskets for silent auction/raffles at charity fundraisers. This would make for a great item to go into such a basket, as well as a fun item to decorate a home, or gift as hostess gift. Inspirational. I look forward to creating with your tutorial.



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