Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pop 'n Cuts "Just Saying Hello" Card

Here's a quick and easy Pop 'n Cuts card idea:

  1. Cut a 5" x 12" strip of red cardstock and die cut a Pop 'n Cuts backing card by removing the insert from the A2 Pop 'n Cuts Base die. Fold the backing card in half.
  2. Add the Hello Insert to the A2 Pop 'n Cuts Base die and slide it until it touches. Check that the tick marks in the center line up and then cover the die cutting area with patterned paper. Die cut the piece and then fold the Pop 'n Cuts in the usual fashion by first folding the long fold across the back, then pinching the top and bottom edges of the word "Hello" and then folding the card in half so that the pop-up word comes forward.
  3. Place the folded PNC insert on an On the Edge die to cut a decorative edge top and bottom. 
  4. Use a slot punch on the upper fold to add a slot in the "shelf" area behind the word for the pole to  slide through. This will also punch an extra slot in the back of the card which will be covered with a strip of paper in a later step. (Alternately, cut a slot in the "shelf" area with a craft knife)
  5. Use a tape runner to add the PNC inside the backing card, avoiding the pop-up areas and attaching one half and then the other half.
  6. Die cut the companion Sizzlits word "Hello" from dark brown paper and use a fine line glue pen or a Xyron machine to add adhesive to it. Center the word over the pop-up word and adhere. The Sizzlits word is sized to leave a small shadow when paired with the Pop 'n Cuts word.
  7. Die cut a Flagpole and topper from cream cardstock and assemble according to the package instructions. Cut 0.5" from the base of the flagpole to make it shorter and then fold in a small foot at the base of the pole. Add a mini glue dot to the base of the foot, slide the pole through the slot, and attach the foot to the base of the card.
  8. Die cut a red Vine Flourish and lightly attach the end to the top of the pole with a mini glue dot. Close the card and rotate the vine until it is entirely hidden when the card is closed. Press the connection point at the top of the pole to secure it. Now add a mini glue dot to the other end of the vine and close the card, connecting it in the correct position to lay flat when the card is closed, but pop-up when the card is open.
  9. Cut two thin strips of red cardstock and use the upper strip to cover the extra slot. Attach the lower strip as shown.
  10. Die cut two scalloped circles and use scissors to snip toward the center in between each scallop, like spokes of a wheel. Pinch the 8 resulting petals as mountain folds to create a 3D flower. Embellish each flower with a twine bow and a halfback pearl. Add one flower to the top of the pole.
  11. Cut a 4x4 piece of patterned paper for the front of the card and stamp the "just saying"sentiment on a label panel cut from the patterned paper. Layer the two papers plus the other flower on the front of the card.
  12. The finished card can be mailed in a standard A2 sized envelope.

Happy Pop 'n Cutting!

Other Supplies:
Patterned Papers - Cosmo Cricket
Cardstock - Bazzill "Lava"
"Just Saying" stamp - Lawn Fawn
Other (source unknown) - twine, halfback pearls
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  1. love all the ideas, and can't wait to get the new die. when are they available? I am getting frustrated with all the great ideas and videos that I can't make yet. Thanks

  2. Love the card and the idea behind it. Yesterday I found out that the on-line company I had ordered my Pop n' Cut from has finally gotten their order from Sizzix and I should be receiving mine no later than next week. Happy? I'm ecstatic!

    Personally, I don't think that any on-line company selling any products should be allowed to let customers Pre-order. You are paying up front, they are using your money and you are waiting months for the product. I suspect if one looked into that they'd find that it's against the law.

  3. Great project- I love your flower- so pretty :-) And of course the cool and easy PNC die! Genius I tell you...

  4. Love love this card and the instructions are so easy to follow. Thansk Karen!

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