Monday, July 30, 2012

Simple treat bags using eCal and eclips

Hello! Tamara here! If you're like me, you always seem to need a quick treat bag of some sort. I have three kiddos and there is always some sort of party going on. We don't always have time to make 25+ of some time consuming treat bag designs, right? So today I've decided to share a simple treat bag design using your eCal software and Sizzix eclips cutter!

These bags are based on a 'tear open' design that is very popular. You just stitch a bit and then stuff the candy in, then stitched them closed. The recipient tears the packaging to get the goodies. Well, I don't like my stuff all ripped to shreds, lol! So, I decided to make a little 'door' in the back that tears out easily!

I've taken a screen shot to show you how to change the line style in eCal to create the 'perforated' square that tears out. Simply open the 'basic shapes' window and create a square that is 1.25". Change the squares line style in the drop down menu as shown. You'll also need to make a circle that is 4.00".

Now you'll layer the square over the circle as shown above. It's best not to use super thick paper for this, as it won't pull open easily and just rip all the packaging anyways.. Cut as many as you need with your eclips and set aside.

Next you will need to cut thin acetate sheets into circles to layer over the front. Mine are about .30" smaller than the 4" circle. Stitch around the edges a bit leaving an opening just large enough to add in your candy; stitch closed. Emboss your acetate sheets if you'd like to give a fun texture to them.

Then, just embellish and decorate as you'd like! You can leave them simple, or go all out! Wouldn't these be darling as ornament gifts with a string hanging from the back? Yes, I'm thinking Christmas already!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial showing you how to make these simple treat bags with eCal and the eclips! It's fun to 'explore' a bit in eCal and see what different things you can do to customize your projects! Happy crafting!


Patterned Paper: October Afternoon- Cakewalk 
Embellishments: October Afternoon- Cakewalk; Candy
Misc.: Acetate sheets
Tools: Sewing machine and thread
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  1. OMG this is amazing and really creative! I might have to created this myself! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a brilliant idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Great project! What a great idea, putting a perforated square in the back!


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