Sunday, June 17, 2012

ScoreBoard Suitcase goes Hollywood!

Hi everyone! Eileen Hull here...

I just had to share these photos sent to me by my friend, Jonathan Fong, designer to the stars :-) He was invited by his friend, Adrianna, who is the sister of Katharine McPhee from American Idol and Smash, to design favors and centerpieces her wedding! Katharine was the maid of honor.

Don't they look so cute all lined up? Jonathan did not reply when I asked him how long it took to die cut, emboss and embellish all of these adorable little suitcases but I suspect he is cranking that Sizzix Big Shot in his sleep.

And yes, Jonathan did attend the wedding- I asked :-) Here he is... looks like a great party. Hmmm...they must have misplaced my invitation...
Jonathan is so much fun to be around- read this post to hear how we met. Here's a video of my guest appearance on his web tv show, Style With a Smile regarding the infamous Guest Towel Cupcake project.
  Here's Jonathan making adjustments on the hot air balloon centerpieces. Under the balloons are baskets of flowers. He cleverly engineered the arrangement by using a tomato cage as a base. I love how he always uses practical household items to construct these out-of-this-world projects! 
  Each table was named for a landmark in Paris. The guests' names appeared 
on the outside of the suitcase and they opened them to reveal the table name. 
I think you need one of these ScoreBoard Suitcase dies, don't you? 
What would you put inside?

Here are some pics from another wedding he used the suitcase die for... sigh. Love the faux leather look and postmark cancellations complete with brass brads. It's all in the details... even the insides of the handles are finished off with a ticking pattern to match the inside of the suitcase!
The theme of this wedding is a little more vintage-y and casual. One of the great things about ScoreBoard dies is that they are so versatile- you can personalize them to fit any occasion in whatever style, color and theme you want. Cover the board with paper, emboss them as Jonathan did with my Daisy Wreath Textured Impression folder, paint them, distress them, ink them, and layer all kinds of goodies on top. The dies are designed to be used with thick materials like matboard and chipboard so they can take it- they are nice sturdy boxes and will hold up under the weight of even the most enthusiastic embellishers. Bring it!

Hope you enjoyed all the eye candy today. A huge thanks to Jonathan Fong for letting me share his spectacular work. High five!
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  1. OMG this is amazing! I am totally needing this die!

  2. Jonathan Fong is amazing! So is the Scoreboard Suitcase die! This is spectacular!!

  3. Holy wow! This is awesome!!!! What a cute die... I'm adding this to my wish list. :-)

  4. I'm so excited for you, Eileen. This is awesome! I love how he is showcasing your die. Now I know I need that one too. Amazing fun!

  5. This is so cool!! You've made me add yet another die to my wish list!

  6. OMG can only agree with other posts the sight of all those embellished suitcases is amazing - definately shows off what a great die it is.

  7. Wow. Those are spectacular.

    He's extremely talented.

  8. Wow! They're fabulous! I want this dies!

  9. Wow these are utterly wonderful! Cleaver idea. If I had the die, I would make a 50th wedding anniversary suitcase filled with gift cards for my parents upcoming trip West to celebrate 50 years!

  10. What a great idea. I was always curious about using scoreboards.

  11. Thanks everyone! I agree- Jonathan is crazy good! I love how he styled these suitcases- simple and elegant. Good thing to keep in mind when you have a large number of items to make! And they make such a great display when they are all lined up on the table....

  12. Oh, look at all those suitcases!! How awesome!! And I love the hot-airballoons too.

    Good think the suitcase scoreboards dies shoulc be arriving in my postbox soon! Can't wait to play with it.

  13. Eileen, I love the suitcase die so much. It makes me look good. Hey, I just crank that Sizzix Big Shot and out comes magic.

  14. I use this this die for wedding favor request. my all time favorite


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