Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Treat Cup Card and eclips Welding Tutorial

Hello, hello! Tamara here again with a couple tutorials to help you along with your eclips and eCal software.

Have you ever heard of 'treat cups' that are used for cards, etc.? They are adhesive cups that hold little candies! VERY cool! I love to make my own card bases to hold these cups by using my eCal software and the handy basic shapes library. Let's get started!

Now, this card isn't overly exciting, I know.. but this is just to show you HOW to create the base, and then you can go to town decorating your own card!

See the cool treat cup?  Ready to make one? All you will need is some paper, embellishments, and a treat cup! Well, and of course your snazzy eclips and eCal software!

First, you will start by opening the 'basic shapes' library (top tool bar WINDOW > SHAPES LIBRARY. Select the rectangle shape. UNCHECK 'keep proportions' and size to 5" high x 10" wide. Then, using the square shape, size to 4.95" x 4.95". Now you will align this with the 5x10" rectangle all the way to the right side so there's one even edge (like shown) You will want to overlap just slightly (the rectangle and square and shown). Using your mouse and holding down the left button, 'draw' a rectangle around the shapes to select them both. You will see a dotted line with toggle/resize arrows all the way around your shapes. Now, over on the right hand side window, under the 'apperance' menu, check the box for WELD. Now these two pieces have been joined as 'one'. Click the preview button to see for yourself! (top menu bar with the white page and magnifying glass) Even though they are welded, they will still be shown as two different colors. ALWAYS PREVIEW if you're unsure.

Now you will make the perfectly sized hole for the treat cup. Treat cups sizes may vary. The ones I use are from Stampin' Up!  Again, using the basic shapes library, place a circle on the mat (double click the circle shape from the library), size to 1.78". (Make sure KEEP PROPORTIONS is checked!) Place the circle wherever you'd like on the bottom right of your card base. DO NOT WELD, If you were to 'weld' the circle to the card base, the circle would not cut. The circle simply gets set 'over' it. 

A perfectly created card base!
Cut your card base and get ready to get creative! I chose to use the latest Echo Park Paper collection, 'Sweet Day'. It has a perfect doilie sticker to work as a border for my treat cup!

To set the treat cup, you will first want to scor the card.  The top 'flap' of the card will fold DOWN. This is what the treat cup will be adhered to.

Now, fill your treat cup with some sweets and remove the sticky backing.

Set this inside the hole, with the exposed sticky part facing up.

Remember that 4.95x4.95" square we welded onto the 5x10" rectangle? This is your 'flap'. Fold it down and press gently to adhere the treat cup to it. When you open it back up it will look like the photo above.  The reason I set it inside the hole first is to be sure that when I stick it to the 'flap' it is in the right place, so it open and closes nicely. You can add a piece of double sided tape to the bottom of the flap to keep it closed neatly for when the recipient opens the card.

And here's a quick tip on how to create the 'frame' for the treat cup. You can always cut a flower, etc. in eCal and add a circle shape sized to fit your treat cup over the center of what you're cutting, but if it's something like a sticker, then you can use the 'cut out' from the card base as a template! Just adhere the cut out circle where you want to have your treat cup come through, and cut around it with a craft knife.

I hope you love the idea of this card! You can make tons of custom card bases using this tutorial and treat cups! Think wheels for a car card, the center of flowers, 'bubbles' on a cute ocean card, a 'sun' for a summer card, use the treat cups for 'balloons', etc.

Before I leave you I thought I would offer one more little 'tip' for using eCal and your eclips. Right now cutting little words are very popular for scrap booking, card making, project life, etc. And well, sometimes those fonts are VERY thin, especially if your text is like, 1/2" high or so! Then you cut it only to lift it off your mat and it's so delicate that it breaks.. Well, here's a simple fix! The SHADOW FEATURE! This feature has 'saved' me several times and really, not many people seem to know about it.

So, let's get our text ready, of course my text will be the word 'sizzix'. I made my my font pretty big for the tutorial, so really, without the font having an added 'shadow', it would cut fine.. not so much though if it was super small, so play along and pretend this is only an inch tall.. *wink*

If it's a cursive font I like to group them and 'weld' as to not cut through each letter. Seems how I showed you how to weld earlier, this should be easy peasy for you!

Look at the right menu. Under 'apperance' there is a drop down menu for 'style'. I selected 'shadow straight'.

And once I select 'shadow straight' THIS is what happens.. it's TOO big!

No worries! You can add thickness.. or easily take some away. In this case, we're taking some away! Right next to the drop down menu (after you select the 'style' you want) there is a little space with the numbers '1.00'. This is the current size of the shadow. Change the numbers a bit and see how you like it. I set mine to .35 and it was perfect!

Ta-Da! Easy, right? And saves such a hassle of not being able to cut your favorite thin fonts! Just a very slight shadow to it can REALLY help with the way it cuts!

I hope you've learned something new from these tutorials! I can not say it enough, I LOVE my eclips and eCal software!

Happy Crafting, Sizzix friends!

Until next time...

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  1. Unfortunately, I don't have an Eclips but I think your card is great! :o)

  2. Cool card! I love the treat cup, what a nifty idea!

  3. Thank you for the tutorial on the Eclips. There seems to be so little help out there to give us the know-how to really use the features. I would love to see more - expecially on how to use the Print2Cut feature when importing graphics from outside sources.

  4. Awesome idea Tamara and the card is super sweet. TFS!

  5. Thanks Tamara for the show and tell of the treat cup. I wish Sizzix had their own group for people that have the Eclips. I've had my new Eclips now for about 5 months, and I'm always looking for inspiration to use my Eclips. Maybe putting a lot more videos up on "how to projects" just for the Eclips people over there on YouTube.

  6. Stunning.. fabulous job...unique design,eye pleasing combo of color...

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