Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Can I Choose?

Hello, Friends!

I'm often asked what my favorite die cutting machine is.  Wow!  THAT is a loaded question!  How can I choose?  I {heart} the Big Shot.  I mean, what's not to love?  It can cut just about anything!  AND, it has diamonds!!!!  {Well, ok...they are rhinestones, but they shine just like diamonds!}


Then there's the eclips.  I'm very close to the eclips machine.  I feel like it's my baby.  I've been working on it since 2009....I was blessed to be a part of the development of the machine/software.  What's not to love on this machine?!?  It has laser cut preview, perfect scoring and now, with the addition of eCal and Stamp2Cut, the possibilities are endless!  {And, wowsers....if you knew what we were working on for the future, you'd fall over!}

Of course, we have other machines that are wonderful, but I have to be honest, it's a tie between the Big Shot and the eclips.  Or maybe I should say, the eclips and the Big Shot.  ;)

Here's an adorable project by Debi Adams. 


Cut a Birdhouse Box out of cardstock using the eclips machine and Albums, Bags & Boxes #2 Cartridge. Embellish with ink and fold along the score lines to assemble. Cut two decorative accent embellishments from the Loopy Tag Bag out of dark brown cardstock using the eclips machine and Albums, Bags & Boxes #2 Cartridge. Trim away excess and adhere above and below the opening on the Birdhouse. Cut 3-D Flower embellishments from the Birdhouse Box out of cardstock using the eclips machine and Albums, Bags & Boxes #2 Cartridge. Assemble flowers by rolling around a dowel starting from the outer part of the flower and rolling tightly around the dowel towards the center which becomes the outer part of the flower and tucks under to become the base. See the step-by-step instructions for the 3-D Flower here. Attach the assembled flowers to the Birdhouse roof as embellishments. Cut vines and branches of your choice from cardstock and attach to the Birdhouse roof as embellishments. Cut the leaf embellishments from the Pie Slice Box out of cardstock using the eclips machine and Albums, Bags & Boxes #2 Cartridge and adhere to the Birdhouse roof as embellishments. Embellish with inked ribbon bows, moss and small flowers.


 Other Supplies: Cardstock, Dowel, Ink, Moss, Ribbon, Small Flowers

This project perfectly shows off the eclips' ability to score.

Recently, I was playing with the eclips and our new ecal software.  I needed something for the wall in my office.  I used vinyl and created this design from one of my stamp designs....

I was going to Photoshop the outlet out of the picture, but I wanted you to see how large the vinyl design is.  :)  I love how versatile the eCal software is!  I thought you might want to try out this design, so I've added the svg file to the freebies section of my website.  Feel free to download for free HERE.

So, what is YOUR favorite Sizzix machine?  Big Kick, Big Shot, Vagabond?  Eclips?  Big Shot Pro?  Or, what about the cute Texture Boutique?  :)


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  1. I agree it is hard to choose. I love my eclips machine and my bigshot machine. I still love my red sizzix die cutter and my side kick. I love everything about sizzix. What I tell everyone is if you want quality buy sizzix. They make the best die cutting machines.

  2. hi
    no contest for me it is the bigshot every time - it cuts everything and can take all makers dies and embossing fodlers allowing me so many options.

  3. I love my new Big Shot. So much better than the first Sizzix machine I bought years ago. But the cost of the dies is now making me think that maybe I should have gone Cricut! Too late now.....I'm sticking with what I have, and slowly building my die collection.

  4. Love my eClips and my Big Shot Express - boy am I lazy or what - it seems I like the machines that do the work for me (snicker)

  5. Love, love, love my eclips! Best electronic cutter ever, and I do own another brand, the eclips is awesome. I would say my big shot would be my favorite manual cutter.

    Vee (no affliation with sizzix just a very satisfied customer)

  6. My Big Shot Pro!!! My "baby" is amazing. I never thought i could love a manual die cut machine, but i do!! i can crank it with one finger!

  7. I adore my Vagabond but would love to get my hands on an eclips. Two fabulous machines for two different needs :)

  8. O I LOVE my ECLIPS hands DOWN.. I got to say I love the Little sizzix pocket book embossing machine I USE IT all the time..THE SVG cut for the wall IS FANTASTIC... O wow U got my head spinning.. I wonder will things stick to the outside siding of my HOUSE.. HUMMMMMMMMMMM...♥♥♥

  9. The Sizzix elips is truly a remarkable cutting machine. It is so precise and accurate. I can cut any font on my computer and can cut SVGs I create using Ecal. I of course use SVG Cuts - they have the best kits and collections to cut.

  10. Hi Stepanie,
    I haven't yet met the eclips in person, so I can't give a balanced opinion, but I have to tell you that I LOVE my Vagabond!!! I had many machines before it, and they were OK because I love using dies and embossing. I have severe rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and the first time I met Vagabond I knew he was meant for me! It;s been true love ever since!

  11. I had a Wizard...sold it and bought a Big Shot - love it, love it, love it. Also have a Cricut and 30 cartridges...have used it a few times - prefer my Big Shot - use it everyday!!! I have used the Vagabond, but would prefer to get a Big Shot Pro...someday - sigh.

  12. I was always a Cricut girl--until I got my Eclips. It cuts so smoothly, even on tiny and intricate cuts. LOVE IT! Also love my Big Shot and my newest tool--my Vagabond. Sizzix products are the best. And tell us Stephanie--what's the next innovation for the Eclips?

  13. I have not had the pleasure of using the Eclips yet but I really want to try one. I love my Big Shot and how I can use any die from any company in my Big Shot.


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