Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dragonfly Pond Tiered Pendant Necklace

Hello, Friends!

Jewelry is always a fun accessory.  What's even better?!?  Wearing jewelry you've made yourself!  It's so easy with Vintaj products by Sizzix!

Check out this beautiful necklace by Beth Reames.  It looks amazing, yet it's so easy to make!


Emboss a Vintaj Natural Brass Altered Metal blank using the Dragonfly Pond DecoEmboss die. Add a variety of alcohol inks onto the embossed blank. Add or remove ink as desired. Let dry. Buff with the Metal Reliefing block to highlight the raised designs. Finish by applying a clear embossing powder as a sealant and using a heat tool (or melting pot) to set. Drill or punch a hole at the bottom of the blank and add a series of beads as shown in image above. Attach jump rings through the hole at the top of the blank to form a pendant. Loop lengths of Vintaj Elongated Oval Chain through the top jump ring. Add a clasp at the ends of the chain using jump rings to form a necklace.



Other Supplies: Alcohol Inks, Beads, Clear Embossing Powder, Heat Tool (or Melting Pot), Hole Punch/Hand Drill for Jewelry, Vintaj Elongated Oval Chain

Happy Crafting!

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