Monday, February 27, 2012

Salt and Pepper Wedding Cake

As I was surfing the internet this past week for Saturday's I Spy post, I happened upon Tiffany Johnson's blog and her super fun wedding card featuring Karen Burniston's Three Tier Cake Pop Up die.  I instantly fell in love with it and am so excited to feature it here for you.

I love how out of the box this card is, from the bright vivid colors to the super cute bride and groom perched at the top.  I think it really illustrates what I love best about creating with dies.  To me, dies are like a blank canvas, a perfect base for creating exactly what you want.  I am only limited by my imagination and creativity. They fit your style and my style no matter how very different they are.

In the case of this card, Tiffany started with a really awesome blank canvas (Karen's die design) and sprinkled (pardon the pun!) in her own bright clean style which resulted in a spectacular one-of-a-kind creation.
You can see more of Tiffany's great projects on her blog at
Thank you Tiffany for letting me feature your fun card and for making me think in a whole different color palette the next time I have a wedding themed project!

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  1. Super Cute Card cool idea. thanks for sharing

  2. love ,well it is the wedding!


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