Monday, February 20, 2012

Pop 'n Cuts + Base Tray = Endless Pop Up Possibilities

If you have been watching the sneak peeks of Karen Burniston's Pop 'n Cuts dies, you probably already know that they are a super cool and a super easy way to add pop up elements to your cards and other paper projects.  Just when you thought the system couldn't be any cooler, Karen shows us that it can be. . .

As you can see, if you thought you would be limited to size A4 cards with the Pop 'n Cuts system, you aren't! You can use your Pop 'n Cuts dies with the base tray to create inserts in a multitude of sizes and shapes!

And don't forget, the Pop 'n Cuts system provides the mechanics for awesome interactive cards and paper 
projects and can be used to spot light any die cut shape we offer from our many different collections as Karen demonstrates here by using the new Tim Holtz Alterations Tick Tock Bigz Die.

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  1. Oh these sound like they are going to be fun to play with!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Can't wait to see these on the shelf. Great idea. I love Sizzix. Karen

  3. Can't wait to get this die!!! Cool cards!!!

  4. These dies are going to be so much fun, so many possibilities.

  5. When will this be available to order? I have to have this!

  6. I just can't wait. I must have these. Again, WHEN CAN WE GET THESE!
    Love you, love pop ups, love every idea you have ever shared. Biggest Fan.

  7. can you use the flit it base for these?


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