Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Albums, Bags and Boxes

Hello, Friends!

My favorite cartridge for the eclips is the Albums, Bags and Boxes.  Why?!?  Because it SCORES!  Not just a dash, dash, dash (like our competition).  Instead, it really scores!  It scores and cuts at the same time!  Oh, yeah!  ;)

Guess what they gave me the other day at the office?!?  The new cartridges that will be released at CHA Summer!  ;)  I've been having a BLAST playing with the new shapes!  ;)   I can't wait to share them with you! 
Until then, check out this cute bag by Beth....


Cut a Scallop Bag out of patterned paper using the eclips machine and Albums, Bags & Boxes Cartridge. Fold along score lines of the Bag and assemble. Cut the Photo Corners, Swirly out of cardstock using the eclips machine and Starter & Rockin' Janie cartridge. Adhere cut outs to the Bag. Embellish with paper flowers, velvet leaves and ribbon.

Supplies Used:
Sizzix eclips Cartridge - Albums, Bags & Boxes

Other Supplies: Cardstock, Paper Flowers, Patterned Paper, Ribbon, Velvet Leaves

Any chance you live in Puerto Rico?!?  I'll be teaching Sizzix classes at The Puerto Rico Scrapbook Event in June!   I'd love to meet you in person!  ;)  

Happy Crafting!

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1 comment:

  1. Hello Stephanie,

    I saw a lot of your video´s at You Tube about the Sizzix Elclips. I love them and learn how to use the eclip.My husband bought it for me for christmas.
    But now I'm so despairing, cause the cartridge "Album, Bags & Boxes Nr. 1 is not available!
    That cartridge was the reason why I wanted the eclips.
    I don't no - who I can aks - why is it not longer available????
    A lot of people want to buy it in Germany - but there is no chance!
    May you please help us???

    Smiles from Germany


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