Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beauty Bloom Die for a Little Beauty

Brenda has some great news for us!

Check it out!

Hi friends,
My live has changed in such a "grand" way by a 7 lb. 3 oz. little angel! Her name is Heidi Rose and she is our first grand-baby! I am now all about pink...just can't get enough of it! We didn't know beforehand what gender the baby was so I had put off making things until after she was born. (although, I was absolutely RIGHT all along thinking it was a girl!)

I designed and sewed this tiny little bonnet for her the other day and it was such fun to use my "beauty bloom" flower die which happens to the be featured die on this weeks Triple Play Blog Hop. What I love about this die is it's versatility. I designed it to be layered and provided an extra single petal just in case you like to mix it up like I do. Here, I've used some of my "Couleur Vie" fabrics by Henry Glass & Co. and I'm so glad I decided to add pink into the color palette!
The main bonnet was made with National Non-Woven's exotic bamboo felt and if you've never used this felt, well, you just need to go find some because it is soft like butter! I like using felt because of course, the edges don't fray.

I've also used two of my new crafting dies, the ribbon and scallop die, found here. You'll notice on the image that it's a ruched flower but if you use it as it is, without the ruching, you have a wonderful border die. And of course, these can be used for paper crafting also! These dies are very fun to use and I designed them to create a length of about 15" by leaving one edge of the die uncut – that is where you place the folded edge of the fabric. Try them out, you'll find all sorts of ways to use them, I promise.

I hope you're enjoying the blog hop, I know I am!
until next time, take care and have some fun, will ya?

Thanks so much Brenda! The bonnet is adorable! :)

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Will the new vagabond be out soon and will you be reviewing it? I was all set to get another brand for quilting and love how the vagabond can do fabrics and paper crafting, etc. Being electric is a plus, since I have stiff joints.


  2. I design and make wedding invitations and I´ve been dreaming about bigger embossing folders to be used in my big shot pro machine.
    Please make my dream come true!

  3. Hi Debbie,

    We will be showing off the new Vagabond soon! :) It's starting to hit the stores, so get ready! :)

    Anonymous...I'll pass on your dream to our team! :)



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