Saturday, September 11, 2010

Using Paper with ScoreBoards

{July 12, 2010}

by Eileen Hull

Did you know that ScoreBoards dies may be used with paper as well as mat board? Because the ScoreBoards dies are designed to work with thicker materials, the scoring blade is set deeper, and it will not score paper. But it just takes a few seconds to score by hand.

First, use your Big Shot and ScoreBoards die to cut your paper. What weight paper you use will depend on the purpose of the project. I like to use cardstock for sturdier boxes and folders. However, pretty text-weight paper would be perfect to use for the Cupcake Holder if you were having a shower or wedding and wanted to match the paper to the invitations.

Along with cutting paper, I also cut a die from mat board or chipboard to use as a scoring guide. I like to use my scoring tablet to help me. Place the mat board die-cut on the tablet with the score lines running vertically. Place your paper die-cut right below it. Now take your scoring tool and run it down the same lines as you see on the sample die. If there are score lines running in the other direction, rotate both die-cuts and repeat.

The Memo Holder only took a few seconds to score.

You will need:

  • Big Shot
  • ScoreBoards Memo Holder die
  • Mat board 6" x 13"
  • Green shimmer paper
  • Brown paper – scraps
  • Rubber stamps flourish – Denami Designs
  • Brown ink
  • White textured flower stickers
  • Turquoise pearls – Queen and Company
  • Double-sided tape
  • Velcro closure


  1. Cut memo holder from green paper using Big Shot and ScoreBoards Memo Holder die.
  2. Trim a piece of brown paper to 4" x 1". Place over the scalloped section of the die and run through Big Shot. Adhere on the inside of the folder just below the green scallops.
  3. Stamp design in brown ink. Add flower stickers and pearls.
  4. Cut two strips of brown paper to cover the ribbon slits on inside and outside of folder and adhere.
  5. Add sticky notes.

See, wasn't that easy? Try this technique with all of your ScoreBoards dies for added versatility!

From my studio to yours,

Eileen Hull

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