Thursday, October 7, 2010

Treat Yourself

My past posts have been focused on decor tricks but I think now it's time to treat yourself!

I know this necklace might look daunting, but there are so many different chains and findings available at the local craft store, if you know how to open and close a jump ring, anything can be attached to create a necklace.
The real trick was the Spiders....

The Spiders are made out of die-cut black shrink plastic. I'm not going to lie, getting those skinny, spidery legs to shrink straight was tricky. And anyone who has used shrink plastic before knows what I'm talking about. But I'm a patient person.... and I was very happy with the result. One reminder, be sure to punch holes in the Spider before shrinking. I use a super small hole punch and it turned out just the right size for a jump ring.

Now on to something for those who prefer instant gratification...

I started with store-bought glass pendant frame. Die-cut Candy Corn is adhered to a small square of printed paper and put into the frame. Hang it on a chain and you're ready to go.

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