Thursday, September 2, 2010

Traveling Abroad

{February 17, 2010 }

by Julianna Hudgins

Hi there! Well, I made it to Manchester, United Kingdom, today to visit our European team and to attend the STITCHES trade show in Birmingham.

When I arrived today, my room was not ready, so I cuddled up to the fireplace that was roaring in the "Albert" Lounge and took a little nap. The Queens Hotel is beautiful and full of history along with amazing pieces of artwork. In fact, I have a mural of Richard I hanging over my bed.

The gardens are full of statues and lights. Looks like it must be a delightful sight in the spring and summer. Here are some photos of two pups having fun in the garden wonderland.

I will make sure to take photos of our team here in the UK and share them with you this week.

Can't wait to also share photos from the STITCHES show – some familiar faces will be there like Tim Holtz and Suze Weinberg!

Cheers, Julianna

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