Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spring Pop-Up Page

{April 13, 2010}

by Beth Reames

I really like a couple of things about this page … besides the cute girls.
First is the surprise pop-up behind the main photo. This 3-D die can be used on both cards and pages. I found two things that are really helpful when creating with this. This die uses rubber bands to make it pop up when the card is opened, and I found that making the card base out of something heavier than cardstock, like chipboard or mat board, keeps the pop up from making the card bulge out. I also like to make a template for trimming photos by die-cutting one of the sections out of something clear, like acrylic. If you don't have acrylic, you can use a chunk of the clear packaging that your die came in.
Second, I like to layer several die-cut flowers together to make dimensional flowers. After cutting the flowers out of cardstock, I wrinkle them up and then smooth them back out and layer them together. My secret ingredient between flower layers is hot glue! Sometimes I will spritz the flowers with a little water while they're wrinkled and smooth them out only part way, but be careful, because the petals will tear right off when wet. Once the paper is dry, I glue the layers together. This is one of my favorite effects, but I don't use it very often because I'm not patient enough to wait for the paper dry!

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