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A Sizzix Wedding Dress

{February 11, 2010}

by Dena

Hello crafters! Today I would like to hand my post over to my assistant Katrina. She was inspired to create a Sizzix floral wedding dress for her wedding two weeks ago! The dress is truly a testament to what can be created with motivation, time and a little patience ...

Hi all! I've been so lucky to watch Dena at work, always embellishing items she picked up from the flea market. I picked up the idea for this dress one year ago when I saw her using her Big Shot Machine with a shimmery pink organza to decorate gift boxes. I immediately thought, "I want a whole dress covered in those!" At the time I didn't know it would be my white dress, but when else does a girl get the chance to spend a day in a DIY-couture gown?

For this project, I used the Big Shot Machine with the Flower Layers #3 die – yes, just one die created this whole dress! The base dress is a '50s summer dress I've had for years; it even has pockets. The flowers were cut from 6 yards of polyester georgette and glued on with just a dot of Fabri-Tac at the top. Cut some flowers, glue down and repeat. The dress took three weeks to complete, just a little work each day when there was time. I worked in horizontal rows, which kept everything neat and manageable. See below for the in-progress shot, and then the final dress!

The great thing about this dress is the way it moves. As you walk each flower flutters. For an everyday version, you can adapt this idea to a T-shirt. Use thin knit jersey fabric (which won't fray when cut), die-cut desired shapes and glue them down with Fabri-Tac – it's washable!


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