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ScoreBoards Cupcake Dress

{August 23, 2010}

by Eileen Hull

This is the time of year for weddings and showers. I was trying to figure out what to get for my friend's daughter's bridal shower. Marissa is a unique person – a poet, lover of books and all things organic. I didn't want to pick something from her registry – she is just too special for that. So I looked through what supplies I had on hand.

To make the dress, you will need:

  1. Die-cut Cupcake Holder from mat board.
  2. Place die-cut cupcake holder in Textured Impressions folder and run through Big Shot.
  3. Cut bodice from two segments of the cupcake, top skirt from three segments and bottom skirt from three segments as seen in photo. (You may have to trim a little bit from both sides of the skirt so everything lines up right.)
  4. Place a little double-sided tape in between bodice and top skirt. Add vintage lace to hem of skirt and a sash around the waist. Layer underskirt below top skirt and secure with more tape. Add a small paper rose to the side of the lace belt.
  5. That's all there is to it!

The frame had been purchased recently at a discount store, but I already knew I was going to paint it. It was too dark, and the embossed areas didn't stand out enough. I took some cream paint and dry brushed all around the frame and embossed mat. In one of my thrift shop adventures a while ago, I had found a cool old book titled "Vogue's Book of Etiquette" from 1948, which goes into some detail on any possible event and how to dress for it. I tore out an appropriate page and placed that behind the dress. Then I matted the dress on a piece of mat board for contrast, added some foamboard on the back to give it dimension and adhered that to the backing. I layered everything in the frame, and it's ready for the shower!

Congrats and wishes for many years of being together to the happy couple!

From my studio to yours,


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  1. Oh, how lovely! You know, these little homemade gifts are the best.

    My best friend from grade school was getting married and she is a millionaire now. However, I am on the poor side. However I went through my old pics and found a picture of the two of us making our First Communion. I printed it up, colored it (no color film in the fifties!), framed it and sent it to her.

    They got so much high end stuff, which she could care less about, but she loved my gift.


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