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Recycled Gift Wrap

December 27, 2009

by Eileen Hull

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you enjoyed some relaxing time at home with those you love. I have all four of my children coming in this week, including my son just back from Iraq!

But now to the project at hand … I love buying gift wrap. There are so many patterns, colors and textures to choose from. Here's a quick project to use those last few inches of wrapping paper on the roll, or, if you are a careful unwrapper, previously used gift wrap.

You will need:

1. Cut two strips of coordinating wrapping paper measuring 6" x 13". Using spray adhesive, adhere paper to each side of the mat board. Determine which side of the mat board you would like to be on the outside of the box, lay that side right side down on top of the ScoreBoards die and roll through the Big Shot.

2. Fold the box and lid up into box shape. Wrap a strong rubber band around each piece. Run Zip Dry glue down each corner of the bottom of the box. Repeat with top of box but leave two corners unglued. The section that is not glued will be the hinge at the back of the box. If you are using glossy paper, you may have to apply a second coat of glue.

3. On the back of the lid, center, mark and punch two brad holes. Position lid on top of the box bottom and trace holes. Punch holes out and apply a strip of double-sided tape where lid will hinge. Place lid on box and insert brads.

4. Apply double-sided tape to back of ribbon strip and place along outer rim of box lid. Trim as necessary.

Add embellishments to box. The box and lid fit snugly together, so no closure is necessary.

These would make great favor boxes for New Year's Eve parties or personalized gift boxes. Mine is going to my good friend Kim with a surprise inside.

Best wishes for a safe and healthy New Year!

From my studio to yours,


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