Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Halloween Decor...

I just love Beth's story about the Rabbit sitting on top of her desk and how it keeps her company! Totally funny! I can see it now people are going to be kidnapping her bunny and dressing it for all kinds of occasion's through out the year! I have a few ideas of my own that include a Blonde wig, LOL! As you can see we love to have FUN at Sizzix!

Enjoy this quick and clever project idea! Oh and if you happen to dress up a bunny of your own, show us. We would love to see what you created! Julianna

Two more quick ideas for Halloween decorating. There are LOTS of adorable Halloween decor items at the store right now, but sometimes all you need is what you already have, and a little imagination.

First, I bought this crazy glittered rabbit last Easter. I kind of like the way he keeps me company at my desk, so I never put him away. Since fall is here I didn't think the bouquet of pink hydrangeas was appropriate anymore, I hand-cut a little mask out of felt and created a seasonal bouquet for him to hold.

I love how he's rockin' the black rose and sparkly candy corn, What a good sport!

Next is the pillow. I die-cut the numbers out of black, self-adhesive felt and just stuck them on a pre-made pillow. That's it! This would work on practically any pillow and when the season is over the numbers can be peeled right off.

Coming next from me: Treating Yourself....!
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  1. OMG!! I am sooo loving this. That Halloween Bunny is to die for!!! Great Job!! Thanks.

  2. Such a great idea!! TFS!
    PS is that the 3D flower die? I NEED that die so badly and it is sold out everywhere!

  3. I know! Believe it or not I cant even get it! LOL we should be getting a lot more in soon!!! I will keep an eye out for it. Jewel

  4. i'm loving the blog but i'm loving that bunny even more!! :D


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