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Make Party Favors the Center of Attention

{June 24, 2010}

by Dena

Decorating for a special event? For a beautiful way to present party favors, remember that opposites can attract with a project that combines natural with crafted elements and vintage with contemporary styles, as this month's centerpiece and favor display does.

When choosing a container for your branches, keep in mind that the branches will be heavier once they're embellished, so a fairly large, heavy vase is best. I just love the effect of the contemporary boxes and tags with this vintage ceramic vase. Freshly cut branches with nice, healthy leaves are best for this project. If you don't have any in bloom, they can look great just with the leaves or you can add your own paper flowers, as I did for my centerpiece.



  1. Arrange the branches in the pitcher.
  2. Cut a length of wire (about 3" should do it) and wrap one end of it around the base of a paper flower then wrap the other end around a branch. Repeat until all the branches have as many flowers as you wish.
  3. Die cut and embellish the small papers boxes and decorative tags. Fill the boxes with lightweight treats.
  4. Tie the boxes and tags to the branches with short lengths of ribbon.

To personalize the party favors, you can fill each box with a different treat – a piece of gourmet fudge, a hard-to-find vintage button, a pair of earrings. Write the name of each guest on a tag and tie it to the branch alongside the treat she or he would most enjoy. Place the arrangement at the center of your table and at the end of the celebration your guests can find their unique favor and tag.
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