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Felt Flowers Add Style to a Room

December 17, 2009

by Dena

Hello! My name is Dena, and I am a licensed artist for Sizzix. My company, Dena Designs, creates tween, baby, holiday and everyday dies for the Sizzix machine. I love to embellish my designs with little flea market finds, such as buttons, millinery flowers and vintage jewelry, making every creation personal and special.

I’m always on the lookout for really special fabric flowers that have a vintage feel. They can become a one-of-a-kind centerpiece and are always in season. I also love creating my own floral arrangements. My Sizzix die-cutting machine is now a staple in my crafts room, and it’s perfect for this project.


* Sizzix machine
* Floral dies in various sizes
* Felt
* Buttons
* Chenille pipe cleaners
* Vase
* Fabric glue
* Needle
* Thread
* Scissors


1. Gather your felt in many coordinating colors. Follow the instructions on your Sizzix machine to quickly die-cut flowers of all different shapes and sizes in minutes.

2. Layer three to four sizes and colors of felt flowers with fabric glue.

3. Attach a large button with a small button on top with the needle and thread. I used a combination of cool vintage buttons.

4. While the thread is still attached to the buttons, sew through the layered flowers and secure all to the chenille pipe cleaner for a stem.

5. Make enough to fill a small vase and cut chenille pipe cleans stems to desired length.

This project is so versatile – by leaving out the pipe cleaner you’ve got a lovely flower that can become pins, hair clips, headbands, jewelry and more. I've also got a blog at I look forward to sharing all the wonderful things I've been making with my Sizzix machine!


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