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{June 15, 2010}

by Debi Adams

I absolutely love decorating for birthdays! From the biggest idea to the smallest detail, I jump right in trying to personalize the party for that particular person. I run from party stores to thrift shops trying to get that one little finishing touch. A birthday party at work is no exception. I had so much fun making these brownie cupcake holders.

They are quick to make and gave me the result I was looking for.

Measure a paper baking cup (found at craft stores in the baking section) approximately 1" taller and four times the circumference of the cup and cut a piece of crepe paper to those specifications. Gather crepe paper on sewing machine. To make gathering easy, hand wind the bobbin with elastic thread, leaving the regular thread on top, and stitch on the top of the crepe paper about 1/2" from the edge. Stitch another row about 1" from edge. Attach the gathered piece to the cup with hot glue, adjusting gathers, if necessary. Tie a ribbon around the cup where the gathered stitching is located. Adhere in place with glue.

Next, if you haven't used the Bigz 3-D Flowers Die, now is the time! It is waaay fun. Die-cut the Flower from paper. Using a skewer or toothpick and starting at the outer point of the Flower, begin rolling the scalloped piece until it comes to an end. Place a small dab of hot glue on the Flower's end base and insert rolled petals into glue. Hold in place for a brief moment, if necessary, being careful not to touch the hot glue. When cool, attach Flower to center of ribbon bow. Attach small silk or millinery-type flowers. Punch holes on either side of cup and attach glittered pipe cleaner as handle. Drop in brownie cupcake. Almost too pretty to eat!

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