Thursday, September 2, 2010

CHA Sneak Peek!

{January 17, 2010}

by Eileen Hull

I am all caught up in CHA mania and running in a million different directions, trying to finish everything up before I leave on Friday. I was stressing out about this blog post. Then I decided to give you all a sneak peek of something I have been working on for the show. Sound good? If you are going to the show, this project may be seen in the Global Gallery.

This year the CHA theme is International Crafting. The challenge was put out to CHA Designer Members to design and create projects for each of 30 countries relating to their cultures and popular crafts. I picked the Netherlands and the theme I selected was tulips and Delft. Tulips are such happy flowers and I figured I could make a cool Delft style vase. Since I work a lot in foamboard, I decided to create everything using this medium.

For the vase, I started with a 16” x 10” piece of foamboard and scored it every 4” on each side with the height at 10 inches. I found an old stencil I had that was Delft-ish looking and adapted the design to look like tiles, a traditional craft and product the Netherlands is famous for. I sketched it in pencil to help with spacing and then started coloring in and blending with two shades of Copic markers.

Then it was on to the tulips. What a drag cutting tons of petals, trying to figure out how to attach them, get them out safely to CA, etc... and then it came to me! I could use my ScoreBoards Cupcake Holder Ruffle die for the flowers! I ran 6" x 13" pieces of 1/8” foamboard through the Big Shot creating15 cupcake shapes and then spray painted them in nice bright colors. I cut free form leaves, scored down the middle of them so they could be bent out for dimension and sprayed them two shades of green. Before assembling, I punched a hole in the middle of the cupcake base. The stems are made of thick brown floral wire which I covered in green florist tape. I inserted the cupcake into the top of the stem and added a leaf onto each stem with more floral tape. I placed a black bead on the end of the stem after the tulip was assembled.
Inside the base, I added a section of latticed plastic gutter cover to keep flowers and stems in place once they have been positioned. Green shredded paper was stuffed in between the leaves for filler and to cover any gaps. .
Hope you enjoyed getting a preview before the show…
Also, please stop by and say hi if you'll be at the show. I'll be demo-ing the ScoreBoards in the Sizzix booth on Sunday and Monday from 11-12! Next week I hope to post from the show so check back.
From my (extremely messy) studio to yours,
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