Thursday, September 2, 2010

Celebrate with a Banner

{January 21, 2010 }

by Dena

A personalized banner is perfect for celebrating special days. Whether you're honoring a person at a birthday party or at a bridal shower, you can customize a simple banner that can be a decoration and a keepsake at the same time. Add as many flags as you need to write your word or name of choice. The fabrics I used to create my banner are from my Sundrop and Snow Flower collections by Free Spirit Fabrics.


  • Assorted printed fabric
  • Assorted velveteen or velvet fabric
  • Tassel fringe
  • Single tassels
  • 3/4" wide ribbon
  • Fabric glue (such as Fabri-Tac)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pinking shears
  • Scissors
  • Sizzix alphabet dies in the letters of your choice
  • Sizzix flower dies


  1. Cut twice your desired number of triangular flags from the patterned fabric 13" along the top and 17" along each side. Cutting with pinking shears will keep the edges from fraying.
  2. Lay two triangles wrong sides together and sew a straight stitch 1/2" from all edges to join the front and back together. Continue with the rest of the flags.
  3. Rip two 1" x 25" strips of patterned fabric per flag. With a long basting stitch, sew 1/2" down the center of the strips, leaving long ends of thread. Pull on the ends to gather the strips to be 17".
  4. Sew two gathered strips to each flag onto the long edges. Repeat for all flags.
  5. Die-cut letters and flowers from the velvet fabrics. Glue velvet letters to the center of each flag. Layer small, medium and large Sizzix flowers with fabric glue and then glue them to the bottom of each flag.
  6. Add a single tassel to the very bottom of each flag with fabric glue.
  7. Lay each finished flag corner to corner and cut tassel fringe to this length. Pin and stitch flags in place on fringe.
  8. Fold 3 feet of ribbon in half and sew the folded edge onto the end of the fringe. Repeat for the other end. Use these ties to hold up your banner.

Raw-edged ruffles, store-bought fringe and tassels make this fun afternoon project. If sewing isn't your thing, simply substitute patterned scrapbook paper for the fabric. You can still glue the paper flags to ribbon and add fabric or paper embellishments.

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