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Book Club Memo Pad

{February 28, 2010}

by Eileen Hull

I love to read. People are always passing along to me the names of good (and bad) books they have recently read. I'm also a member of the Book Bags, a book group that meets once a month, so I decided to make a notebook to record all of the names and titles I am supposed to remember to look for.

The Checkbook Cover Die is quite versatile. Some other uses for it include recipe book, memo pad holder, domino/card game score pad, photo book, journal, address book and notebook. When planning your projects, factor in the extra matboard required to cut two covers – this takes a sheet and a half of matboard. Two closure options are included: one with the brad/eyelet hole and one without. The checkbook may be covered with fabric or papers. If you are going to cover it with fabric, you'll have to use a closure that works with this. I like to use adhesive-backed Velcro dots but the adhesive doesn't always stick to fabric, so magnets or a button and elastic loop would be a better choice.

Another thing to keep in mind is that all matboard is not equal. There are several grades of board that vary in thickness, differing amounts of cotton and acid content. I have found the lowest grade of matboard to work best for these projects because they are cheaper and not as thick as other boards, so they score more easily. If you do use a piece of the fancier matboard (fabric covered, suede, embossed), because it is thicker, you may want to run your craft knife along the ditch of the score mark to ensure a clean line. It's easy to do because the line is already there to use as a guide.

For this project, I cut two covers from a robin's egg blue matboard and the cover and closure from brown. The covers were first embossed using a Textured Impressions folder. I brushed brown ink over some drywall tape for texture and also inked the edges. I took a brown marker and ran it over the creases where the white mat showed. The covers were attached to the binding strip with brads.

The notebook inside is actually an old unused date book. It fit great lengthwise but was a little too wide, so I trimmed it up on my mat cutter and rounded the edges. The front of the date book was boring (and wrong year!), so I added a paint chip for the cover. The beautiful silk ribbon and bird are from Rock Candy Studios. The gold bird got a colored wing courtesy of my Copic markers. The ribbon runs through the center of the notebook to keep it inside the folder and is tied on the outside. I used the larger of the two closure pieces that came with the die and placed a set of black adhesive-backed Velcro dots where I wanted the the closure to be. A title printed on an old ledger sheet that had been crumpled and inked was added as the final touch.

How many ideas for using this die can you come up with? They are so easy to make assembly- line style. Think outside the box and create a great favor to send home with guests after your next party, use it to make a coupon book for your child's birthday, press leaves or flowers in it, cut a bunch of covers and make a board book... there are so many possibilities! Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it!

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