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Badge Box

{May 9, 2010}

by Eileen Hull

Hope all of you moms out there had a great and relaxing Mother's Day! I know I did ...

This week I am busy getting ready for the National Stationery Show in the Big Apple May 16-18. Sizzix will have a booth, and I'll be joining Julianna Hudgins and Sizzix staff to demo their cool products. I can't wait to see what kind of reaction people have! I remember seeing the Big Shot Machine in action for the first time. I felt like my brain would explode thinking of all the ways I could use this system! And honestly, it still does :-) Do you remember what you thought when you saw your first die-cutting demo?

Since I will be at the show, I must go in style. No outfit is complete without a cool box for your badge! Most people take the boring plastic sleeve and elastic string badge holder that they are given. I always make my own. It is convenient to have the badge with your name hanging around your neck so people can see who they are talking to, but I also like to tuck business cards, a pen, Tic-Tacs, piece of paper for notes and a couple of dollars for lunch in mine too. So I designed a ScoreBoards die that works perfectly for this purpose, the Scallop Box.

My badge goes on the front of the box. When I want to give someone my card or make a note, I just open it up and get whatever I want out. The box usually gets a lot of comments. And of course the fun part is embellishing it! Use your design skills to create a badge holder that is uniquely yours. If you are a painter, bring on the color and make this a work of art. Collage? Use layers of book page flowers or accent with a glittered initial ... use the special talents you've been given to create a box that reflects YOU! The project here is quick and easy but can be as elaborate as you want. This box has many uses. It will hold gift cards, a pair of earrings you made for your friend, other jewelry or small items, a notepad, tissues, credit cards in your purse, etc. Before assembling, you can add rubber stamped images to further embellish, or cover the inside of the box with paper or paint.

You will need:

  • Big Shot Machine
  • Scallop Box Die
  • Aqua mat board
  • Tiny buttons
  • Ribbon
  • Zip Dry Paper Glue
  • Double-sided tape
  • Velcro dots


  1. Cut scalloped box from 6" x 13" piece of mat board with Big Shot. Make sure the right side of the board is facing down.
  2. Assemble box with double-sided tape or glue.
  3. Cut five flowers from scrap mat board (flower shapes included on Scallop Box die) and glue to the front of the box. Add tiny coordinating buttons to the center of the flowers.
  4. Add a ribbon handle. I usually cut a yard-long piece and trim as needed to get correct length to go around neck. Simply knot ribbon ends inside of box to secure.
  5. Add Velcro dots to flap and front of box.
  6. Get a plastic sleeve and insert badge. Tape underneath to box.
  7. Stock up on business cards and get ready to be noticed!

I hope you will stop by my blog on Wednesday, May 12 for the next Sizzix ScoreBoards blog hop. You won't want to want to miss seeing some amazing ideas that the designers will have for the Cake Box die. I haven't seen them all yet but can't wait!

Have you been missing craft shows on TV? Cool2Craft is here! It's a cutting edge version of craft TV and airs every Monday from noon till 1:30 PM EST. Tune in on Monday, May 17 at noon and watch Julianna Hudgins and me in streaming video from inside the Stationery Show in New York City.

Since I will be away next Monday, I will not be posting a blog but will return the week after.

From my studio to yours,


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